Monday, October 29, 2007

Relieving Stress

Relieving Stress

It had been a particularly hard week at work. I had been traveling non-stop from coast to coast for the last month, getting very little sleep, and getting crankier by the day. I had one last trip to make to Dallas and then I could fly back home to the west coast. As I complained to my best friend on my cell phone while walking through DFW airport, she said, "Girl, you just need some good dick to get you relaxed." With the crazy schedule and people and I had to deal with, I needed two dicks to get me relaxed!

I checked into my hotel around 6:00 pm, feeling relieved that it was early enough to grab a bite to eat and get some drinks at a jazz spot around the corner. I was used to dining alone, so I took a nice hot shower, sprayed on my Eau Des Merveilles cologne, slipped on some fitted jeans with high heals and put my 38 DD's in a sexy but respectable v-neck sweater showing just enough cleavage. I'm a business woman, not a freak. At least that's how I want to appear in public. I made sure I had on a sexy matching thong and lace bra just in case I did get the 2 dick special for dessert.

I arrived early at the jazz bar, so was able to get a seat right by the small stage, near a window, so I could see all the people coming and going. I ordered a good red blend wine and checked out the scenery while reading the menu. I did not expect to see much this early in the evening, but to my delight the band was setting up. I began checking out the drummer, who sported a nice six pack and pecs under his shear silk shirt. I was surprised to see the drummer dressed so nicely, since they usually have on ratty t-shirts and jeans. I watched him and when he looked up and caught me looking, I did not look away. I just raised my wine glass and smiled and began looking at the menu again. Just then a group of guys came in and were seated at the table just behind me. I discreetly checked them out, and I couldn't believe what Dallas had to offer. All of the men were handsome, some were in suits and others were in urban wear, but all looking very good. I wet my lips with a!
nother taste of wine anticipating what this night had to bring. I don't usually go out looking for sex, but my friend did say I needed some good dick to get me relaxed.

The band started playing, and after two glasses of wine, crab cakes, and salad, I was feeling pretty good. In fact, being surrounded by all these men was making me a little horny. While I was contemplating what to do next, one of the guys at the table next to me leaned over and said, "Excuse me, but would you like to join us? We noticed you were eating alone." I smiled and said, "Well, as long as you don't try to get me drunk." They all laughed and I scooted my chair over to join them. Sean, Rick, Mike, and Steven were all in town on business. After comparing notes about our jobs and complaining about our crazy schedules, they asked me how I liked the band. I said the band was cool and they said they had come to hear their friend, Anthony, who played the drums. So, that's the drummer's name, I thought to myself. I looked over at the drummer and he was looking directly at me. He just nodded his head and looked away. At least I know he's got rhythm, I thought.

The guys didn't have to be at work until the next afternoon, and I was working out of my hotel room the next day, so I asked them where the after party was. Rick and Steven indicated they were meeting up with some other friends later that night. Mike and Sean said they didn't have any plans and asked if I had any. I told them that we could always go back to the hotel bar and have some more drinks. I couldn't believe I was picking up these guys. I asked them where they were staying, and they were at the same hotel as I was. What a coincidence! Sean said he promised Anthony they would stay through the 2nd set, so we stayed another 30 minutes and then agreed to all meet at the hotel bar.

Back at the hotel, Sean, Mike and I laughed and talked and drank, and it wasn't long before they were flirting with me and I with them. Sean asked how I dealt with all the pressures of traveling all the time and I told him that apparently I hadn't been dealing very well since I was so stressed and wound up. He asked what it would take to help me relax. And Mike said, "I know what would help." Sean looked at Mike and said, "Man, your mind is in the gutter." Mike said, "Man, I was just saying the woman needs a good massage." I asked, "Do you know a good masseuse?" Mike said, "In fact I do. I've been known to give a great massage." "And what else are you great at?" I asked. Sean and Mike eyed each other and laughed. Sean said, "You know, let's just get you massaged down so you won't be going off on your coworkers this week." I said, "And where will this massage take place?" Mike said, "We could go to your room." I wasn't sure I was ready to act on my two dick theo!
ry, and the guys must have sensed my hesitation because Mike said, "Hey, we won't do anything you don't want to do. You know in this hotel all you have to do is yell 'rape' and security will be at your door in minutes. Let's go."

I was glad I had gotten an upgrade on my room, so I had a nice big suite with a nice big bed. The guys immediately took off their jackets and threw them across a chair in the sitting area. Mike asked if anyone needed more to drink. I told them I didn't, but they were welcomed to use the mini-bar in the room. Mike told me to go get ready for my massage and instructed me to remove my clothes. I looked at him surprisingly and said, "Why?" He said, "You do want a full body massage, don't you?" I told him I guessed so. I went to the bathroom and removed my clothes, leaving on only my thong underwear. They were too sexy to take off. If things were going to go down, I wanted the guys to at least see those.

When I walked back into the room, Sean was sitting in a chair with his shoes off sipping on some cognac. Mike had removed his shirt and was standing by the bed in his slacks and t-shirt. Damn, his pecs were popping out of that t-shirt and his arms were so muscular they looked swollen. I wondered if I would be that impressed with what was between his legs. Mike put a towel over the bedspread and asked me if I were cold or if I would be o.k. laying on the bed without a blanket over me. I was warmed up from all the wine I had drank, so I just removed my bathrobe and lay on top of the towel he had laid out. I couldn't believe I was showing my body to men I had just met. Sean sucked in a breath of air and let it out slowly, saying, "Damn, girl. You are fine." Mike looked strictly business like a real masseuse and picked up the Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint massage oil I had on the dresser. I always travel with it. He asked, "Now, are there any particular are!
as I need to focus on?" I wanted to say, "Yeah, my pussy", but I replied, "I carry all my stress in my shoulders and neck, so you can start there."

Mike got to working the massage oil into my shoulders and upper back, and he had a technique that made me think he probably did this professionally. I felt so aroused with my ass exposed for Sean and Mike to see. Mike kept massaging slowly, but with enough pressure to really start relaxing those tense muscles in my neck and shoulders. I was wondering how all of this would end up when I felt some hands on my feet. Wait, how could that be when Mike had his hands on my back? Sean must have gotten up to join the party. He quietly asked Mike for the massage oil and began massaging my feet. I felt like a queen. Two fine men focusing all of their attentions on me. The combination of the wine and massage had me totally relaxed and very aroused. But, I didn't want to stop the men while they were hard at work. I waited for further instructions as Sean made his way up my firm calves, then my thighs.

Sean massaged my thighs all around, sliding his warm fingers between my legs. He stopped just shy of my throbbing pussy. Meanwhile, Mike had made his way down my back and was now massaging my ass. I moaned quietly and Mike asked, "Is this pressure o.k.?" I whispered, "Yes". Without my quite knowing it was happening, Mike ran his fingers underneath the lace of my thong and slowly pulled the thong down. Sean pulled part of the thong that was closest to his hands on the inside of my thighs and slipped it all the way off. I thought, "Ok, now it's on." Mike massaged my ass a little longer and said, "Ok, I need you to turn over now." My double D's were dying for some air, and when Sean and Mike slowly turned me over, they both stared at my big round nipples that were getting very hard. Sean said, "I know I said it before, but damn you are fine!"

Mike took more oil and began massaging my right hand and fingers while Sean began massaging my left. Mike was clearly the masseuse, but Sean used nice firm strokes that stimulated me even more. I was spread eagle on the bed with two men and I couldn't believe my luck. I couldn't wait to see if what they were packing would delight me even more. The guys worked their way from my hands to my forearms, to my upper arms, and to my shoulders. I was glad I had been working out and had firm arms and legs for them to enjoy. When they got to my shoulders, I got excited wondering how they would then handle my double D's. Both guys hesitated, and then began massaging my breasts. I wanted to feel their lips on my nipples, but the massaging felt really good. Their fingers worked eagerly and firmly, making me breath faster. Just when I was about to open my eyes, Sean took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked hard. Ooooh, it felt so good. He tried to take that whole breast!
into his mouth and began lapping at my nipple. Not to be outdone, Mike took the other breast into his mouth and teased the nipple with his tongue. Sean and Mike worked each breast deliciously differently. It was amazing and I was soaking wet.

I could tell Sean was a little more eager than Mike because while keeping my nipple in his mouth, he ran his hand down my stomach straight to my clit. I was glad I had gotten that Brazilian wax because my pussy was nicely trimmed. I hoped the guys liked it. Sean fingered my clit while both guys kept a nipple in their mouths. I couldn't believe this was happening. I began squirming on the bed as Sean played with my clit. Mike let go of the nipple and ran his lips all the way down my stomach and thighs until he got to my wet spot. He then abandoned his professional masseuse manner, put his hands under my butt and spread my legs wide. While Sean fingered my clit, Mike began to eat my pussy like he hadn't eaten dinner just hours before. My pussy juices ran all over his mouth and I wanted some dick so bad it hurt. Sean released my other nipple and before I knew it he was standing at the end of the bed where my head was hanging slightly off, pulling down his pants. Sean!
presented his giant cock at my lips, and I had no choice but to take it into my mouth. All 12 inches of it. It was already hard and deeply veined and wider than any cock I had ever seen. Yes, one big dick down, one to go. I sucked Sean's throbbing dick like a Popsicle, licking it all over and taking his balls into my mouth. He had his head thrown back with his eyes squeezed shut, so I knew he was enjoying it. He reached over and grabbed both of my breasts while fucking me in my mouth. Meanwhile, Mike continued to eat my pussy like a pro, spreading my legs as wide as they would go. I felt the orgasm start deep and roll up until juices poured out of my pussy.

I wanted to see what Mike was packing, but before I could say anything, Sean removed his dick from my mouth and Mike pulled away from my pussy. Hell no, I know it wasn't over. The guys didn't disappoint. Mike had stripped naked and had his dick at my lips before I could blink twice. And, his dick was bigger than Sean's. I'd estimate about 13 inches and even thicker than Sean's. I didn't know if I could handle all of this dick. Mike drove his dick into my mouth and I almost choked. I reached up with both hands and squeezed his dick while sucking it, making him pump my mouth even harder. My pussy was feeling neglected, and I wondered what Sean was doing, but I soon found out. He grabbed my legs and pushed my knees up by my ears - thank goodness for Pilates and flexibility - and drove his big dick deep inside me. It had been over six months since I had fucked, so I was nice and tight. It hurt so good. Sean said, "Mike, this pussy is tight as hell. Baby, you are so !
wet." I couldn't reply because my mouth was full with Mike's dick.

I wanted to suck Mike off very well since he had done such a good job massaging me, and I gave it my all, He was at the peak of orgasm and pulled out of my mouth, thank goodness. I wasn't ready for him to be through. Just then I heard a soft knock at the door and a deep voice saying "It's Anthony, man. Open up." I looked up at Mike and said, "How did he know you were here?" Mike said, "I called him while you were getting out of your clothes and told him to meet us here. You don't mind, do you?" What was I to say? Break up the party early? Hell no. I just nodded my head. Sean was stroking me good and hard asking how I liked that big dick in my tight pussy, so I turned my attention to him while Mike went to the door, still hard and naked.

I heard mumbled voices and then Anthony came in and said, "Man, she is fine, and that pussy is being spread wide by Sean. He ain't got nothing on me." Wait a minute. I was still wondering how I would handle two men, and wasn't counting on three being here. They were pulling a fast one on me, but I was in the middle of the best fuck of my life. I couldn't stop now. Mike came back to the bed and put his dick in my eagerly waiting mouth. I began to suck him hard, forgetting that Anthony was even there.

There were so many sensations going on with my body that I hardly noticed at first the tickle of tongue on my nipples. I opened my eyes and saw Anthony darting his tongue across both of my nipples. My double D's were in heaven. My pussy was being punished by Sean, and Mike's swollen dick was filling up my mouth. Damn, what did I do to deserve this? I noticed Anthony had taken off his clothes, but I couldn't see his dick because of the way he was leaning over me. I wanted to see if he was part of the big dick club as well. As if reading my mind, Mike pulled his dick out of my mouth and motioned for Anthony to take his place. Anthony wasn't hard, yet, but his dick was clearly just as long if not longer than the other guys'. It was smooth and chocolate, and as I began sucking, it began growing, and it filled my mouth up even more than Mike's dick. Oh shit, I was in trouble. Three huge dicks.

Mike and Sean turned me back over on my stomach and Anthony moved so he could put his dick back in my mouth. Mike began eating my pussy from the back, and before I could start enjoying that he drove his dick into me. As I said, he was even bigger than Sean, but Sean had thankfully spread my pussy to get me ready for Mike. He grabbed my ass as he drove deeper, and I came hard while his dick was deep inside me. Anthony said, "Man, she's taking you like a champ. Hit it harder." I wanted to tell Anthony to shut up. Mike didn't need any encouragement. Sean now had his hands on my ass and I felt oil pouring down the crack of my ass. He must have taken some of that massage oil and poured it on my butt. I felt his finger probing at my asshole. He massaged it a little and then slowly worked his finger into my ass. I had been finger fucked in the ass before, but it had been a while. This took me by surprise. Mike continued slamming away at my pussy while Sean moved his fi!
nger deeper into my ass. It hurt at first, but I was very relaxed and it soon started to feel very good. Sean was insistent and moved two fingers into my ass. He moved both fingers in and out slowly and then more quickly to match the pace of Mike's thrusts in my pussy. I quickly reached another orgasm.

Anthony's dick was fully engorged and he worked it slowly in and out of my mouth. I knew he was just waiting his turn to fuck me. Mike reached under my breasts and pulled me up from the bed until I was kneeling. Anthony moved under me until he was laying flat on his back. Mike pulled out of me and motioned for me to straddle Anthony, taking him into my pussy slowly. He was really big, and I wanted to enjoy every inch. So, I slowly moved down on his dick as he watched it disappear inch by inch into my pussy. Mike and Sean were watching too and Sean said, "Man, I wish I were videoing this". I took all of Anthony into me until nothing but his balls were outside my pussy. I leaned over, grabbed him by the shoulders and began bouncing my ass up and down, moving his dick in and out. Mike grabbed my ass and moved it up and down on Anthony's dick, making the thrusts harder. I almost screamed with all that dick in me.

I felt a dick, I don't know which one, bob against my asshole while two hands held my ass open. Before I could protest, a dick began entering my ass. Sean had oiled my asshole earlier, and this dick had some oil on it too, so that helped it ease in, but the ass is tight, and these guys had big dicks. I was scared of what was happening. But, Anthony was now moving his pelvis up and down, driving his dick in and out of my pussy, which took my mind off the initial pain of that dick entering my ass. Before I knew it, I had dick in my pussy and dick in my ass. But whose dick was in my ass? I found out when Mike came around to stick his dick back in my mouth. I was getting fucked like a porn star, but nobody was filming it. I wish they were so I could go back and watch it later. I couldn't believe this was happening.

Anthony directed me to turn around once Sean pulled out of my ass, and I slid my asshole down on Anthony's big dick. Mike came around in front of me and entered my pussy. Anthony seemed content to let the force from Mike's strokes slide my ass up and down on his dick. Sean was jerking off as he watched us. I'm glad he didn't try to put his dick back in my mouth after fucking me in the ass. Anthony threw his arms above his head and moaned deep, so I knew he was coming. He came while still deep in my ass. Mike was still stroking my pussy, so he traded places with Anthony, with me on top, and continued probing the inside of my pussy. Sean, still trying to climax, entered my ass again from behind. He stroked it a few times and then came, hard. He almost knocked me off Mike. I had juices flowing all out of my ass. Mike was the last man standing. Sean pulled out of my ass, leaving Mike to bring it all home. He turned me over and fucked me doggy style, driving his dick!
deeper than it had gone all night. We both came incredibly hard and almost passed out on the bed.

While Anthony and Sean were washing up, I slipped Mike my extra room key and told him to come by anytime. I was, after all, going to be in town a week. He earned a week's pass with this pussy and ass.

I'll have to tell my best friend that two dicks may have done the trick, but three made me totally stress free.
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